Site Testimonials

I've made about a gazillion of your tissue holders! And they can be used for more than just tissues! They were the first ITH project I've done and now I'm hooked! Your product is great! Thanks! - jean grund, May 14 2010, 00:00 am
Gorgeous butterfly sews an absolute dream - little effort for a great finish. Many thanks! - karen riley, May 17 2010, 00:00 am
Just purchased the Rhumba font and like ALL your other fonts they stitch out beautiful. Great on towels. Can't wait for you to come out with a script initial monogram font (smile) Thanks again for all your good work! - Karen Joyner, May 18 2010, 00:00 am
This is the first in the hoop project and due to your wonderful text instructions as well as a nicely digitized design it has become a quick and fast favorite of mine! - Rita little, May 18 2010, 00:00 am
I am fairly new to machine embroidery your designs are a dream to stitch out with very professional end products - karen riley, May 22 2010, 00:00 am
I have just made one of them and can´t believe how cute and easy they are....I have thousands of ideas to make them for....just need more time!!! - Claudia Garcia, Jun 10 2010, 00:00 am
I am just delighted with the quality and range of the Baby Bib Bundles. Splashed out and bought the wonderfully priced set, and as I am stitching them out I am giggling and hugging myself for what is, to me, a bargain purchase. Already they have made others happy. The stitch out quality is just superb, and in truth I would have to say I wish I had found GG Designs so much earlier than what I did. I am looking forward to stitching out the snap clip covers, and the Applique Tie and Bow Tie/Tux Applique are just gorgeous stitched out. Thank you very much,Gail. And, if I may finally add, so glad to see a fellow Aussie being the cause of my raving :) I keep haunting the site, waiting for the next release hehehe. Cheers! - Desley Moss, Jun 17 2010, 00:00 am
I am absolutely delighted with every product I have purchased from Gail. Each and every design works perfectly each and every time. Many thanks Gail! - Sandra Murray, Jul 03 2010, 00:00 am
I am so impressed by the quality of digitizing with the designs I purchased. In particular, I've done my first ITH design and am so glad I started with the owl -- so perfect -- so easy. Just beautiful! - Colette Park, Jul 08 2010, 00:00 am
I was a little apprehensive to try an ITH project, but I am so glad I did!! The instructions were so easy to follow and it stitched out perfectly. I will be coming back again and again for more projects. - Misty Stone, Jul 18 2010, 00:00 am