Please note -
The items for sale on this website are DIGITAL FILES FOR USE IN EMBROIDERY MACHINES - they are not completed/tangible items. 


What is different on the new website?

The website finally had a long awaited upgrade on 10th June 2017. Here are a few answers to some questions you might have -

  • Login email address and passwords -These are the same as on the old site. If you have forgotten your password, there is a password recovery button at the login screen where you can re-set it. The login link is located at the top right hand side of the site, and this is also where all of your account information can be accessed.
  • Download links -All of your previous order information and download links have been brought over from the old site. The download links are now located all together in a separate section of Your Account under "DIGITAL DOWNLOADS". Whilst there is no search function in this section, you can use your browser search (Ctrl-F) to search for keywords on the page to find a particular design you have purchased.
  • Already purchased design alert - The site will now alert you if you have already purchased a design. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT first for this function to work, otherwise the cart has no way of knowing your previous purchases. Once you are logged in, when you visit a design page, there will be a green notification box at the top of the page alerting that you have previous purchased the design, and also the order number in which it was purchased. This is also a quick way of finding out whether you have purchased a design previously if you have a lot of download links in Your Account - just make sure you are logged in and then check the design page. 


(1) Due to the transfer and update of the database, you may find some downloads missing from your Digital Downloads area. If you find this to be the case, please contact me with the details as I can easily rectify it.

(2) Any download links for really old designs (product codes lower than GG120) may currently only be downloadable in PES format. I have had to consolidate all designs which had separate format downloads into an "All formats" download, and the older designs are still yet to be done. If you find this to be case and require a different format in the interim, please let me know. These products are also currently hidden in the storefront.

If you had purchased a design in a single format previously, you will now have access to all formats within the one download. I know a lot of you will appreciate this as you have more than one brand machine, but if you only require the one particular format, you can simply delete the others. If you have previously requested other formats in the past which I added to your orders, these will now appear as duplicate downloads in the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS section of Your Account, however both download links will download the same file.


What formats do you offer?
DST - Tajima
PES - Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother
HUS - Husqvarna Viking
ART - Bernina
JEF - Janome
VIP - Pfaff/Husqvarna Viking
XXX - Singer, Compucon 

Please note EXP and VP3 are offered as a format selection on some (mainly newer) designs. If you come across a design that you wish to purchase that does not currently have EXP or VP3 as a format option, please select a different format and put a note in the comments box at the end of checkout to ask me to convert to EXP or VP3.

Please also note that ART is version 3 and I do not intend to update to converting to other versions of this in the future. If your machine takes an alternative format other than ART (such as EXP), I would recommend utilizing this format instead.

Please consult your machine manual or dealer if you are unsure of your format.

How do I pay?
Pay Pal is the only method of payment available. Payment can be by credit card, bank account or Pay Pal balance. You do not need a Pay Pal account to be able to use a credit card for payment. There is an option to pay via credit card when you see the first Pay Pal login screen. Pay Pal performs the currency conversion automatically at the time of payment in accordance with their current rates and displays this at checkout. Otherwise, if paying with a credit card, you may opt to utilise your credit card provider's rates instead. You will not be made aware of the currency exchange and any fees incurred by your credit card provider until it appears on your credit card statement. If using a credit card linked to a Pay Pal account, you will need to set this option in your Pay Pal settings prior to payment. 

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

PLEASE NOTE THAT PAY PAL eCHECK PAYMENTS ARE NOT INSTANT PAYMENTS! This method of payment requires a clearance period, and download links will not be released until the payment has cleared.

Click here for more information on Pay Pal.

How are the designs delivered?
Designs are delivered by way of instant download. After you have successfully placed an order, you will be re-directed back to the website. Download links can be found in the "DIGITAL DOWNLOADS" section of Your Account. You will also receive a confirmation email, and a separate email containing the download links. Sometimes these emails can get re-directed to spam or junk folders, or some ISP's may even block the email. In the event that you do not receive the emails for whatever reason, please check the Order History and Digital Download sections of Your Account.

How long do I have to download the designs?
For any orders placed after January 2012, the links will only expire if they are clicked on more than ten times. I can however re-set the links at any time, so if you need to re-download any expired links in the future for whatever reason, please contact me.  

What is your refund policy?
Due to the electronic nature of these items, NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES ARE OFFERED. If you encounter any issues downloading or using the designs, please contact me and I will do my best to help you out. Electronic files are susceptible to corruption either during the download process or during transfer to your machine, and some issues may be rectified by simply re-downloading the design.
Please ensure that you are aware of your hoop sizes before purchasing as well, as I cannot offer refunds simply because you have ordered a design that is too big for your hoop.  

How do I know what colour stops are what in a design?
All in-the-hoop designs come with instructions in PDF format. You may need to open the design folder outside of any embroidery software, as some programs may not recognize PDF files. Simply opening the folder through My Computer/Windows Explorer will allow you to see the instruction file.

Applique designs will also have a PDF instruction file containing a breakdown of each step.

As different formats have their own colour palette, the colours shown can change dramatically upon conversion to the different formats. I do not digitize with intention of the specific colours being "suggested colours" - they simply create the thread stops. Please choose your own thread colours to suit your needs and use the colour layer breakdown within the instruction file to determine the stitch order.

I am new to embroidery and don't know how to transfer designs to my machine or use my software - can you help?
You MUST have the necessary software/hardware to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine, and know how to facilitate this. I cannot take responsibility for or provide assistance in this regard due to the numerous different brands of machines/software/hardware. If you are unsure, please find out before purchasing, as I cannot offer refunds.

Can I embroider your designs on items to sell?
Yes, you are more than welcome to sell completed items made with my designs. You may stitch these designs on items to be sold, however THE DESIGNS THEMSELVES CANNOT BE RE-SOLD, TRADED SHARED OR INCLUDED IN ANY OTHER DESIGN SET. Many, many hours work have gone into creating these designs - please respect my work!

Can I use the images of your designs for other projects?
YOU MAY NOT use images of my designs for the purpose of creating other derivative works such as (but not limited to) cards, scrapbooking, screen printing and other reproduction of the images which are then placed on items for sale and/or personal use. Some of the graphics and illustrations I have used may be licensed to other companies and individuals, and using the images without license or permission may be a breach of copyright policy. My designs are solely for the purposes of machine embroidery designs, and are not a licence for reproduction of the images.

Do you offer custom digitizing services?
I do not offer custom digitizing. This also includes altering and/or re-sizing existing designs for your custom requirements.

I need some designs altered / re-sized - can you do this for me?
The designs are only available in the sizes which they were released in. However, there are many good editing programs on the market, or your current software may allow you to enlarge/reduce. I recommend that you not change the design size more than 20% up or down to in an effort to retain the integrity of the design. Re-sizing an applique design will also re-size the width of the outline stitching. Please be advised that if you do edit or resize the designs, you do so at your own risk and stitch quality may (and probably will) be adversely affected. I can take no responsibility in this regard.

How can I contact you?
Click on the "Contact Us" link located in the header or footer of this page.