Site Testimonials

I make floral and team spirit hair clips for my daughter. Having the felt cover on the clip allows me to more securely anchor the faux flowers, ribbons and beads. Just need them in JUMBO size now. These designs sewed like a dream. - Kathleen Joslyn, Mar 07 2010, 00:00 am
Just finished the tissue case and wanted to tell how fantastic it is and your instructions are perfect. Thank you! - darlene schafer, Mar 18 2010, 00:00 am
I do not even feel the need to test sew your designs anymore. They sew out beautifully! I have most of your designs and I am looking forward to new designs soon! - Chrysti Newton, Mar 18 2010, 00:00 am
Just purchased this design this morning and I have made two. Can't believe how simple it was and how great it looks. I will be making many more. Love to see a sunglasses case to match. Thanks. Lyn - Lyn Gledhill, Mar 28 2010, 00:00 am
I made 3 key chains In the hoop. I made them in no time. They are so fast. Love them thanks. Terri Watson - Terri Watson, Mar 28 2010, 00:00 am
I didn't use my zipper cases for tissues I used them for cell phones...I used old quilts for them and didn't use any batting and they came out so cute...Love them and all your stuff - Lynn Hodges, Apr 10 2010, 00:00 am
When I made the in the hoop design, I monogrammed the name or what you want on the back first...then put my custom label on the inside and then put all of it together IN THE HOOP...GREAT GIFTS - Tootie Clancy, Apr 11 2010, 00:00 am
I recently purchased an embroidery / sewing machine and was so excited the first time I used a design from this site! To be able to just press "start" and go do something else is so AWESOME! more straining to get the perfect corner or point on appliques...the machine / design does it for you! - Pam Alford, Apr 16 2010, 00:00 am
There are so many words to describe this woman and her website. Beautiful designs, super fast service, lovely person to deal with!! I am in love with this website and everything sews out perfectly!! - Janette Butrym, Apr 16 2010, 00:00 am
So happy to have found your site I love all your designs and being a grandmother you make it easy to accent the kid's clothing thanks and keep up the great work - Rhonda Rosenberry, Apr 25 2010, 00:00 am