Site Testimonials

I love your designs and check back often for new ones! Everything stitches out nicely and very easy! Instructions are a huge help too! Thank you!!! - Judy Emerson, Nov 16 2010, 00:00 am
So glad I found your site. I love everything, especially the stitchies. Can't wait for more - having too much fun with 5 grand daughters! - Nancy Bourdeau, Nov 20 2010, 00:00 am
I "secretly" made a couple of these clippies for my daughter, and when I gave them to her she absolutely SQUEALED! Pretty good reaction for a 9 year all of her friends want one...Thanks so much for making these! - Torri Hutchison, Nov 25 2010, 00:00 am
Thankyou so much for yet another wonderful design, perfect for the tissues that have the top opening. I love all the pouch designs you have and all stitch out beautifully. The instructions are the best. My favourite in- the- hoop designs. Thankyou!!! Thankyou!!! - Doreen Robin, Nov 29 2010, 00:00 am
Just love the Embird tutorial for colour-sorting the stitchies when you want to stitch a whole bunch. Thanks Gail for the clear tutorial. - Francisca Denotti, Nov 30 2010, 00:00 am
I have 12 granddaughters and they have numerous friends. I've been busy making clippies for all of them. I cannot make enough. Thank you. We all enjoy them. They sew out great. - Elaine Isler, Nov 30 2010, 00:00 am
I just love the ITH softies!!! They are well designed, they are gorgeous and so fun to make. Can`t get enough of them... give me more!!! - julie plouffe, Nov 30 2010, 00:00 am
I love all of your designs - especially the felt stitchies series! They are a huge hit on my site and so fun and easy to do! - Jamie Bryant, Nov 30 2010, 00:00 am
The clippie covers are so cute. I've added buttons from scrapbooking and they are all different. Love them... - Cathy Harnden, Nov 30 2010, 00:00 am
I am new to embroidery and so glad I found your site! I have purchased almost all of your felt stitchies, I just love them! They are easy to make and your instructions are the best! I cannot wait to see what new stitchies you are going to come up with next! Hint: Easter :) Thanks for offering great products! Mary, Michigan - Mary Beerman, Dec 01 2010, 00:00 am